•Mrs. Arrow Sutcliffe; Mezzo-soprano, A divorcée

  1. Mrs. Beatrice Richman; Lyric soprano, A widow

  2. Miss Frances (Frank) Hickson; Baritone, A spinster

  3. Mrs. Lena Finch; Coloratura soprano, A recent widow

  4. Prince Roccamare; Non-singing, An aristocrat

  5. Butler/Waiter; Non-singing

  6. Les Girls; Optional chorus


1 Piccolo/Flute

1 Flute

1 Oboe

2 Clarinet (B-flat and A required)

1 Bassoon

2 Horn in F

2 Trumpet in C

1 Trombone

2 Percussion


Violins I,II





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The Three Fat Women of Antibes

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