In this performance are: Conductor, Janet Averett; Justin Sue’su (Frank); Michelle Hennessey (Beatrice), Melissa Mallory (Arrow), Summer Latimer (Lena), Thomas Hassing (Prince Roccamare).

The jaunty dance rhythms hit the spot, and the wit of the original story transformed into lyrics. (Arrow’s aria took off for me). Shades of French masters summon up the Riviera of the period.”

Julian Hope, opera director
Glyndebourne, Welsh National Opera and many others)

“…[F]antastic! The music is really charming and droll, and full of life, very listenable and fun!”

Warren Park, composer

Fresh Voices IV–Goat Hall Productions

“The music and lyrics are astute and whimsical, and the entire cast gives nuanced vocal and comedic performances.”


The Three Fat Women of Antibes

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